Court Services

The Courts Security /Civil Division is located at 17000 Josiah Parker Circle Isle of Wight Va. 23397. Court Services is lead by Lieutenant Julian Evans. The division is composed of one lieutenant, five full time deputies and three part time deputies. The duties of these deputies are divided into two distinctive areas of responsibility, courthouse security and civil process.

Courthouse Security

The Bailiffs are directly responsible for the security of the judges, maintaining order in the three courtrooms located in the courthouse. Their duties include monitoring video cameras strategically placed throughout the building , guarding of prisoners who have been brought the courthouse for trial, monitoring and controlling the numerous security doors throughout the building which are locked and unlocked with electronic locks, and manning the metal detectors at the entrance to the building . Most of these duties are carried out from  control room in a secure area of the building.

The bailiffs are also responsible for the transportation of prisoners that are not picked up by the regional Jail and the transportation of juveniles from the detention facilities to and from court.

Civil Process

The civil process deputies are responsible for serving civil papers such as subpoenas, writs,  show causes, garnishments, summons, and warrants in debt throughout the county of Isle of Wight which includes the Towns of Smithfield and Windsor. They also execute evictions, levy on property and assist the road deputies responding to calls when needed.

The Civil Process Secretary is responsible for entering and tracking all civil process paperwork that is entered onto a computer.

The Men and Women of Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office Court Services Division

Lieutenant Julian Evans 
Deputy Earl Gardner 
Deputy William Hall
Deputy Randy Patrick

Deputy William Byrum
Deputy Earvin Myers Deputy Charles Glassco  Deputy John Gilliam 

Deputy Sean Cox