Narcotic Investigations  

The narcotic investigations division investigates all narcotics complaints received from citizens; narcotic unit proactively investigates, infiltrates, and arrest narcotic traffickers and those involved in narcotic trafficking organizations, and drug labs; narcotic investigators frequently interact with uniform patrol and other division deputies, providing assistance in street level narcotic enforcement in Isle of Wight County regarding narcotics complaints, and law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels.  

Narcotic investigators proactively investigate any and all complaints regarding narcotic activity and related conditions throughout the county; narcotic investigators employ the use of all-available technological resources and traditional investigative methods to preserve the quality of life in Isle of Wight County.  

Isle of Wight County Narcotic Investigations Division is part of the Merherrin Drug Task Force which is a multi jurisdictional task force that provides narcotic investigators with addition resources from other taskforce agencies. The narcotic investigators assigned to this task force are sworn as Task Force Special Agents with the Virginia State Police allowing them to work in multiple jurisdictions; this allows them to work collectively in each jurisdiction as a team. The narcotic investigations division / task force work closely with federal agencies and prosecute under federal guidelines when certain criteria is met.

If you have informaiton about drug trafficing email a members of the Merherrin Drug Task Force at . Information that lead to an arrest could result in a cash reward.