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Message from Sheriff Marshall

I extend my thanks to all who have placed their trust in my leadership, and I want to remind you of the pillars upon which this administration stands.


The office and its personnel are utilizing contemporary national standards that will encompass all facets of department operations. We are certified by the Virginia Law Enforcement Standards Commission as an

Accredited Agency.

 My staff is made up of hardworking, dedicated people who want to deliver the highest quality law enforcement services to the citizens they are honored to serve here. I am committed to ensuring they are sufficiently supported in fulfillment of the mission. 

We maintain positive working relationships with all law enforcement agencies. I am work closely and cooperatively with the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney and all entities engaged in the administration of justice.I believe in the value of partnership with community are an important part of our organizational philosophy.

This is undoubtedly the most important pillar of our organization. It is the foundation for everything we do. We are a values-based organization that emphasizes high ethics and always doing the right thing.  It is our guiding principle and all employees must subscribe to that tenet.

We live in a great county that deserves the very best in law enforcement services, and we at the Sheriff’s Office are committed to offering that to our citizens each and every day.  On behalf of my administration and staff members, I thank you for placing your trust in us.  Please don’t hesitate to call on us with any questions, comments, or concerns