School Services

Educating our children is the most important task that Isle of Wight County must do well in order to ensure a prosperous future for its citizens.  To effectively teach children, a safe and orderly environment is crucial.   Working with the county school administration, the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office (IOWSO) has developed the School Resource Officer (SRO) program to help the schools ensure safety, order and discipline. 

IOWSO has assigned deputies on a full-time basis to the county’s two high schools and on a part-time basis to the two middle schools. The SRO provides a visible deterrent to crime and also is a positive role model for the youngsters.  With an SRO office in each school, this deputy maintains a solid presence, one that represents safety and security.

Additionally, patrol deputies make daily visits to all nine county schools, checking on security and interacting with the staff and students.  IOWSO has computers set up in all the schools so that deputies can stop in to file reports and do paperwork that normally they would complete back at the sheriff’s office.  Those additional hours spent in the schools offer an extra measure of safety.

The Men and Women of Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office School Services Division

Sergeant Donnie Brown 

  Deputy Patricia Gwaltney SRO at Windor HS

Deputy Timothy Phipps
SRO at Smithfield HS

 Deputy Paul Krohn SRO at Smithfield and Windor Middle school