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Release of information is covered by the Code of Virginia; specifically, the Freedom of Information Act.

Generally, if the information CAN be released we WILL release the information.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain a report or other information, is to refer to our Contact Page and send a web form request.  These requests will go to Deputy P. W. Nash and Lieutenant R. P. Bryan.   Of course, you can also write us a letter or call.  We prefer an email as that will detail what you need and give us the time to find and duplicate the requested information and email the requested information to you.  There is no legal need to quote the Act, just you merely asking for the information invokes the procedures of the law.

We take pride in providing the information that you have requested; however, there may be an occasion where, that in accordance with the law, we cannot provide you the information you requested or only send you partial or redacted documents.  We will fully explain why on the rare occasions that this occurs.

Sheriff Marshall is a advocate of public access and transparency in government and was recognized by the Daily Press.

Virginia Freedom of Information Act Statement