This court building is a secure facility.

The Sheriff's Office will conduct a ​security screening of all visitors.

Please allow a few minutes extra time to clear security.

All items must be removed from your pockets and scanned. Portfolios, briefcases, etc. will also be scanned.

You will be required to pass through a metal detector and be subject to secondary screenings.

To avoid delays, please leave all unnecessary items​ in your vehicle.

The Judges require appropriate dress:
shorts, bare midriff, hats, sunglasses,

flip-flops are not permitted

The Isle of Wight County Courts Building is located at:

17000 Josiah Parker Circle

Isle of Wight, Virginia. 23397

It is within the Isle of Wight County

Government Complex.  

It is the large two-story building.

The Young-Laine Courts Building

This court building opened in 2010 and consolidated justice-related services from several locations into one.

This building was awarded the LEED® Silver Award.

The Courts Building includes:

  • Circuit Court

  • General District Court Criminal and Civil Division

  • Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court


The following items are prohibited to possess while in the court building by order of the Court.

We do not hold items nor have any storage facilities on site.  Please do not enter with prohibited items.

Items needed for evidence in cases will need to be approved by the Court.





Mace/Pepper Spray​​



MP3/Music Players

​Musical Intruments


Note: The Circuit Court Clerk may make exceptions to the cell phone rule for people conducting research in the Records Room.​

Contact the Clerk's Office in advance.

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Court Services

Lieutenant Donnie Brown

The Court Services Division is responsible for courthouse security; both building security and security within the courtrooms.  Deputies assigned to this division also provide Bailiff duties for the courts, guard prisoners that have been transported from the Western Tidewater Regional Jail for court hearings, book prisoners that have outstanding arrest warrants, deliver civil papers, execute civil actions such as levies and repossessions, and transport juvenile detainees to and from their place of detainment.