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The Sheriff's Office is mandated by the Code of Virginia to report certain crimes in accordance with guidelines established by the Virginia State Police Incident Based Reporting (IBR) Program.  We also take many reports that are not mandated by the IBR Program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are the victim of a crime or need to make a report for a non-criminal incident.

You should call our dispatch center and tell them you need to make a police report.  A deputy will respond directly to your home to speak with you about your concerns.  In many instances, a deputy can speak with you by phone to take the report.

You may also decide to visit the Sheriff’s Office to make your report; however, you may have to wait for a deputy to be called in from patrol to meet you at the office as the office is not staffed at all times.

If you are reporting an emergency or crime in progress call or text 911

For all other services, call the non-emergency line at 757-357-2151

FAQ - File a Police Report