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There are several law enforcement agencies that complete FR-300 Traffic Crash Reports within Isle of Wight County.  These include, the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office, the Town of Windsor Police Department, the Town of Smithfield Police Department, and the Virginia State Police.  Please review any paperwork you may have related to the crash and contact the appropriate agency directly. 

In addition, there are traffic crashes that occur that do not meet the criteria of a FR-300 Reportable Traffic Crash.  Law enforcement may have assisted with a courtesy "information exchange."

If you need a copy of a FR-300 Traffic Crash Report that was handled by the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office, you may request that here by filling out this form.  Please provide us your email address on the form, we can email a .pdf file of the documents.  Please double check your email address for accuracy.  Your report will be emailed promptly in most cases.  NOTE: THIS INCLUDES REQUESTS FROM ATTORNY AND INSURANCE CLAIMS AS WELL.

Contact Form for Traffic Crash Reports

FAQ - Obtain a copy of my traffic crash report