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FAQ - File Charges/Take out a Warrant

​The Magistrate's Office provides an independent, unbiased review of complaints brought to the office by law enforcement agencies and citizens in order to determine probable cause prior to issuance of criminal and civil process. 

The Magistrate's Office is located within the Western Tidewater Regional Jail.  This is in Suffolk. on the other side of the freeway from Obici Hospital.  The address is:  2402 Godwin Boulevard, Suffolk, VA 23439   Phone: 757.514.4300

The Sheriff's Office, as well as both town police departments have a video conference system on site.  This allows a citizen to speak with a Magistrate from our offices.  In most instances, Virginia Law requires the reporting of certain offenses to the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction where the crime occurred so it can be subsequently reported to the Virginia Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

If the crime occurred with the county of Isle of Wight, please call our central dispatch center to report the crime. You will be directed to either our office or one of the town police departments for assistance in reporting your crime as well as assistance in speaking with the Magistrate.  You may also speak to the Magistrate directly; however, on some occasions, they may directed you back to law enforcement first.